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Chocolate Culture International Magazine

Runway and Print Modeling 6week Course

Are you looking to explore modeling?

Either on the runway, in magazine or print for fun, cash or career, Chocolate Culture is for you!

This 6 week course will cover all you need to know, from print to runway and of course magazine.  Have fun learning all about each area of fashion

modeling and more...This is an interactive course and in person, please remember we will be taking all precautions during this time of COVID-19.

We absolutely realize the importance of your safety and the safety of our team.

What is Chocolate Culture International?

 We are The  Diamond In The Ruff!

We have the ability to offer this course with the help of some phenomenal partners..

*Angel View Multi Media

*SoZo Style & Co

*Lady Locke Bohemian Designs

*Alpha Male Collection 

*The Vendors Boutique

and of course 

*Chocolate Culture Fashion Magazine*


This portion of the course considered 1st week, we will break down each week. 

 Fashion ins and outs

Your personal look and what type of model you wish to become

Dos and dont's of the field..Runway and Print

The Fashion Show in the last week 

Speaking to the camera without using words

Make-up, attire 

Meeting designers and more!

Total Course $299 or 2 payments of $149.50

What's included?

  • 1. Pictures with before and during class effects.
  • 2.Choice of portfolio cases Leather or Canvas.
  • 3. Make-up trial and error session
  • 4.Photo Shoot
  • Put everything you have learned to work, show off your accomplishments by strutting your stuff down the runway.
  •  (full video of the show) extra 

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